HR Organisation

A management tool for your organisational structure and workforce that goes far beyond the creation of organisational charts.

Description of the organisation (position, organisational unit, assignment, ...)

Tailor-made descriptions

Thanks to our HR software, you can define positions, link them to organisational units and assign one or more functions to them. It is possible to assign an employee to one or more positions or several people to the same position ( multiple assignment). The descriptions of the organisational units, positions and functions can be parameterised.

Clearly defined relationships between entities

Our HRMS solution allows to define relationships between different organisational units. It enables the modelling of the most complex organisational structures. Each relationship is named. For example:

  • a team "depends" on a department
  • it is "located" in a city
  • is "associated" with a legal entity
  • is "assigned" to a cost centre
  • is "composed" of groups...

Integrated security management can be used to define the structures to which employees have access.


Modelling the structure according to different representations

A straightforward representation of each structure

Most HR software uses only a single structure to describe the organisation. It is often taken from the controlling or accounting/finance department. This financial view is good for reporting on workforce costs, but it is poorly suited for other HR needs. Adequasys HRMS makes it possible to manage several independent structural models of your business. For example:
  • hierarchical (managers, teams)
  • financial or analytical (cost centre...)
  • legal (group/companies...)
  • functional (division, department, service...)
  • geographical (continent/country/city)

Automatically updated orgranisation charts

The HRMS automatically creates and updates organisation charts. You can navigate between positions and organisational units directly in the HRMS, or you can export them.


Plan and monitor changes in workforce levels

Manage positions in the past, present and future

Adequasys HRMS manages effective "start/end" dates for organisational units, relationships, positions and assignments. This makes it possible to keep a history of the evolution of organisational development and to visualise their future situations, without losing the past. Users simply select the effective date on which the system should be queried.

Setting development plans and follow-up by target

Whether you are increasing, decreasing or reorganising your workforce, Adequsays HRMS helps you achieve your goals. Manage and control development plans securely by organisational unit, department or team.

Alerts, indicators and queries to steer the company

The HRMS provides information on the quality of the data of your organisational structure present in the HRMS. In addition to the standard queries (turnover, retention rate, etc.), you can configure additional queries to meet the specific needs of your organisation.


Adequasys HRMS organization management software is also...

Organisation charts

Multiple structures


History management


Different visualisation options


Data quality engine


Shared access with definition of rights

They use Adequasys HRMS

More than 250 HR managers have optimised their HR management with the Adequasys solution. Like them, simplify your day-to-day work and select the customised solution that best suits you.