Absence software

The HR software to manage employee leaves and absences on a daily basis

Quick and easy access for your employees and managers

Define workflows for validating absence requests. Allow managers to delegate absence management to a member of their team. View the overall absence schedule for members of a team.


Automated calculation of entitlements and balances

Have leave entitlements allocated automatically based on predefined rules (employee group, seniority, age, etc.). The holiday balance is automatically calculated based on the current period credits and planned absences. The duration of an absence is automatically calculated taking into account a calendar of non-working days defined for the type of absence, employer, group and employee. The Adequasys HRMS also reliably manages part-time employment, on-call and stand-by duties as well as public holidays.

In the employee's HR portal, only display the absence types to which they are entitled in each case according to the company rules. The system already checks, as soon as it is entered, whether the absence notification is consistent (overlapping, authorisation, compulsory documents, negative balance, etc.).

Always up-to-date plannings and shared calendars

View the monthly or annual absence plan for an employee or group of employees. The tool allows you to manage minimum workforce levels. Each type of absence is represented by a colour code. Absence and return dates can be displayed in the directory, the employee record, etc.

Optimised personnel management and analysis of absences


Get an overview of all employee absences via a dashboard. As HR, you can manage and calculate claims and balances, list, change and update accepted and rejected claims, and recalculate absence durations. Employees and managers are systematically informed of any changes. Entitlement counters and balances are updated immediately each time they are entered.


Different types of analysis and reporting are possible: analysing absences by reason, schedules, group statements, monthly breakdowns for accounting, contiguous absences, etc. The tools used to manage the leave management process provide numerous statistics on absenteeism, prevention of psycho-social risks and monitoring of corporate social responsibility.


Absence management at Adequasys HRMS is also...

Tailored absence typology
Management of multiple absences
Import of digitised documents
Automatic process management
Manage absences per group
An HR dashboard