Interviews and assessments software

A tool for managing interviews and assessments
serving the company performance


Centralise all types of assessments and interviews

The Adequasys assessment process is fully configurable and adapts to each client's methods. The tool can be used to manage several types of assessments and interviews:

  • Annual assessment interviews
  • Professional, HR or career interviews
  • Bi-annual interviews
  • Annual assessments and year-end interviews
  • Ongoing assessments: several assessments throughout the year
  • Assessments at the end of the probationary period
  • 360° assessments
  • Compentency assessment

Optimise the follow-up of assessments and the analysis of results

The HR team launches the various assessment campaigns. HR follows the progress of the process with the help of indicators and dashboards. The HRMS carries out reminders on your behalf if necessary.

The managers assess their employees: levels of objective achievement, fulfilment of tasks and responsibilities, overall assessment (in the form of a "9-box"), analysis of the development plan (training, development...).

Employees can find the assessment forms in their personal workspace (if relevant, they can carry out their own self-assessment) and can add their comments. The assessment is then approved electronically by all parties.

The tool provides a graphical visualisation of the distribution of results, scores and performance. Employees and their managers have access to the history of the assessments, which enables them to compare them graphically to see their development.


Manage, develop and consolidate know-how

The difficulty with development plans lies in the fact that they are often drawn up during seminars or assessment centres, but then unfortunately too rarely put into practice once the normal day-to-day work has been resumed.

With Adequasys HRMS, you improve the efficiency of managing development plans (personal/professional development, professional requests and training actions...). Their follow-up is expected to be more consistent because development plans are always available via the self-service system.


Facilitate workforce review


HR identifies key people and high potentials with the result of cross-analysis from assessments and the employee information in the HRMS. All the data from the various HRMS modules are compiled in one dashboard:

  • Name, age
  • Seniority
  • Assignments, worktime percentage
  • Assessments
  • Career development requests
  • Succession
  • Development plan
  • Mobility requests


The HRMS is a tool forthe development of action plans, both for individual career planning and for actions to adjust competencies in relation to the corporate strategy.

Different parties can participate in the development of the action plans, to determine the deadlines and provide comments: opinion of the workforce review committee, managers, senior management and HR for final decision.


Adequasys HRIS interview and appraisal management also means...


Personalized HR advice
for managers


Automatic emails and alerts


Tailor-made interview questionnaires

They use Adequasys HRMS

More than 250 HR managers have optimised their HR management with the Adequasys solution. Like them, simplify your day-to-day work and select the customised solution that best suits you.