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Product Developer

Are you passionate about technology? Adequasys offers you the opportunity to pursue a career focused on technology and agile methodologies.


Developers: You will participate in the development of our solution and its functionalities.

Ergonomist: You will act as an expert in the design or optimisation of our interfaces.

Tester: You will ensure that all processes and functionalities are operational. You will familiarise yourself with the challenges of the sector, but also with the end uses and needs of the customer.

IT network expert: You will advise customers and set up secure server architectures and virtualisation platforms to host our HRMS solutions, which can be accessed via the internet in SaaS mode?




You have a highly developed sense of service and a strong client focus: you enjoy understanding needs, innovating, supporting and advising. Do you want to bring your strategic vision to bear on improving projects? Our clients expect you to be a source of ideas, to understand their processes and context, and to provide pragmatic solutions.

Adequasys offers you the possibility of a consulting career based on :

Analysing needs and implementing solutions ;
Developing, integrating, configuring and customising our software for our clients.
Project management, planning, budgeting and advice on optimising your HRMS


Business/Product Experts: Your expertise in a specific field enables you to work on strategic projects.

HRMS Consultant: You will lead projects to support our solutions for our clients.

Depending on the project size, you will be required to work as part of a team. As your career progresses, you'll move on to take on responsibilities as Project Manager and then Client Manager. Depending on your technical or functional affinities, you will steer your career path at Adequasys in order to guide your professional project.



Marketing - Sales

Adequasys has set up a sales and marketing team to support its growth and achieve its development ambitions. You'll be the point of entry for future customers and users of our HRMS solutions, constantly innovating and analysing to understand the HR challenges facing companies and developments in the HRMS market. You'll manage and promote the image of Adequasys, its products and service offerings.


Marketing: With a strong focus on new technologies, you will analyse the market, highlight and promote all the features, advantages and benefits of the solutions offered by Adequasys, mainly via digital channels. As HR skills and tools are Adequasys' specialities, you can respond to requests from specialist press organisations on all HRMS subjects. You will develop internal and external communications.

Sales: Your role is to publicise Adequasys' software solutions and service offering through presentations or demonstrations to future customers, to draw up the sales proposal, and to act as your prospect's in-house advocate in order to always find solutions that will enable customers not just to buy a product, but to fully find a solution to their digital transformation and HR process optimisation projects. You negotiate the contractual clauses.


Our recruitment process

  • Let's meet

    ...To discuss what motivates you, your background and your ambitions. We'll tell you more about the way we work and our plans. Together, we'll assess whether your personality, attitude and potential will flourish within our company. You'll meet someone from HR at an initial interview, and the CEO at the second interview. You will also have the opportunity to get to know your future work colleagues during an exploratory day if desired.

  • Let's get to know each other better

    We test your skills and competencies: technical qualification (interview with the SCRUM Master for developers) and personality test. This is also the time to challenge ourselves. We love challenges!

  • Let's get started!

    We'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also follow your application in real time, and we promise to give you detailed feedback. So get ready to start, because we're ready to welcome you!

Our integration process

  • Before you arrive...

    We inform your future team of your arrival, so that they are aware of your background and your plans. What's more, you'll be invited to all the events we organise - a great opportunity to meet your colleagues and get a better idea of us. If you're moving to the region to join us, we could help you through the various steps involved.

  • The first few weeks...

    are dedicated to getting to know our organisation, our products, our clients, our methodologies and our teams: you'll get to know the group's other business lines and take part in their debriefs. You'll also spend time with the Adequasys CEO and the sales, administrative and management teams. We'll give you your work tools, and you'll be trained in our solutions.

  • Throughout your integration...

    we take particular care to share and collect your feedback on a regular basis. You will also have a dedicated mentor who can answer any questions you may have on a daily basis.

Gregory, HRMS consultant at Adequasys, shares his feelings following his interview.

« My feeling at the end of the interview was really positive, I told myself that if the response was positive, I would be joining a company with a human dimension, where trust reigns and where the well-being of the employee is paramount. »

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