Our values

7 key attitudes for success

Over the years, we have given meaning to our actions and our relationships around 7 key attitudes. By developing these attitudes, over and above our skills, our colleagues and customers will want to work with us.


We facilitate mutual collaboration by seeking to take an interest in others, to put ourselves in their place, to understand their context, their needs and their reactions. We respect different points of view and develop win-win plans. We believe that empathy is essential to designing a successful and ergonomic HRMS user experience. We look for people's interests beyond the numbers.


Our employees work in a climate where everyone can express themselves without fear of being judged by their peers or superiors. We aim to serve, help and do good, making life easier for others and anticipating their expectations. We do not hide problems or shortcomings and we build on people's talents and good qualities without complacency. We take care not to engage in harmful behaviour amongst ourselves.

3. Commitment to service

Service is our business, and we attach a great deal of importance to seeing our assignments through to the end, to providing that little extra something that will make all the difference to those to whom we deliver our work. We know how to make realistic commitments and stick to them. We spontaneously mobilise when a colleague or customer needs us. We love a challenge and we approach it with professionalism, determination and courage.


Other people need to be able to trust us and rely on us. This means delivering high-quality, finished work that meets their expectations in terms of content, deadlines and costs. We take care to protect our customers' data and interests. We abide by the rules ourselves, and management trusts us by giving us a great deal of autonomy. Rather than being suspicious, we approach others with confidence.


We don't expect you to know everything, but to be able to identify your own training needs, to be ready to learn, to take responsibility for yourself and then put it into practice. We consider your aspirations and the team's needs to guide the development of your talents. We expect you to have a curiosity and an interest in new technologies.


Adequasys has deliberately kept its management small, because we believe that responsibility should be delegated as closely as possible to those who take action, because they are in the best position to organise projects and propose decisions or changes. Our organisation is evolving and changing, and every employee must contribute to its continuous improvement. We trust our employees to be independent.


Our history has taught us that difficulties present opportunities to improve or transform our practices and our products for the greater benefit of our employees and our clients. Faced with challenges, we can also be a driving force, a source of ideas and a creator. Digital transformation leads to breakthroughs, and in fact we enjoy change, looking for ways in which new technologies can be of service to our end users.


Gregory, HRMS consultant at Adequasys, shares his experience

« It's a real pleasure to come to work every day, the atmosphere is pleasant, and I'm gradually feeling at ease. It has always taken me a bit of time to get really comfortable, but I'm surprised at how quickly things happen at Adequasys. I'm also really satisfied on a professional level. I have no regrets about the choice I made in joining this great team. Despite the fact that my background is different from that of other consultants, my managers took the gamble of welcoming me, and that only serves to increase my motivation tenfold on a daily basis, to prove that I'm up to the job, that I have a burning desire to learn and that I'm convinced I can make a real contribution to the Adequasys edifice. »

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5 reasons to join us

Quality of life

Beautiful, bright and spacious premises that facilitate collaborative working. Ideally located in a dynamic region, close to the mountains and leisure activities, with affordable property, for those who appreciate the balance between professional and private life.

From our branch in Romans-sur-Isère, you can be in Paris or at the seaside in just 2 hours 15 minutes. The Valence-Romans conurbation has set up a "Welcome new employee" pack.

Our offices in Switzerland are located 10 minutes from Geneva airport on the way to Lausanne, with the Swiss quality of life.

Un développement constant de vos expertises

A wide choice of training courses, seminars and conferences.

Purchase of resources: books, MOOCs, test licences, etc.

Opportunity to make decisions and move from idea to project.

The opportunity to develop our tools and transform our business.

Environments based on the latest technologies.

Enriching collaboration between the multicultural French and Swiss teams.

Une communauté

Consultant briefing, development meeting, tutoring

AdPromo, AdDay: days when all employees get together to get to know each other, learn from each other and think about the future of the company

Collaborative tools (blog, corporate social network, wiki, intranet, etc.)

Employee benefits

Mutual insurance, bonuses for special events and results, ...

Attractive variable pay system.

Friendly events

Sport (SaintéLyon), outings, after-work outings to restaurants, barbecues, etc.