Become an active player in your career path within the company


Soyez acteur de votre parcours professionnel dans l'entreprise

Access this information online

Like all company members, employees have 24-hour access to their space from a computer with Internet access.

Update your personal file independently

Employees can consult and modify their personal information at any time, make holiday and training requests and complete part of their annual assessment if necessary. This autonomy allows them to be more responsible and more involved within the company.


Clearly define your career path

With the Competency Management and Assessment Management tools, employees can work with their managers to determine the precise objectives and key competencies that will drive their professional careers forward. Then, with the Training Management module, employees have all the support and advice they need to take advantage of new development opportunities.

Receive the rewards you deserve

Thanks to clear and formal assessment management, the company can guarantee that the employee's efforts will be noticed and rewarded appropriately.


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